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Songs of good and ill wishes

Posted on 19/11/2022 on Trivia – the Spice of Life

We wish our dear ones the very best in life. In fact, Indian culture lays emphasis on seeking the blessings and good wishes of our elders. Touching the feet of one’s elders to seek their good wishes is a way of life. Similarly our friends, family and colleagues wish us on special occasions. These wishes mean a lot as they make a person feel wanted and cared for. These wishes carry a lot of weight. The Mahabharata and Ramayana are replete with episodes where the blessings of the Guru are sought.

But there are times when we feel a particular person has wronged us; this leads to a lot of bitterness in us and in those moments of anger and pain, sometimes, we subconsciously end up wishing the person ill luck. There are classic lines that we often hear in movies – tere muh mein keede pade (तेरे मुँह में कीड़े पड़े) as against tere muh mein ghee shakkar(तेरे मुँह में घी शक्कर)!! Again, in the epics there are umpteen instances where sages lose their temper (especially Sage Durvasa) and shower curses instead of blessings. In the case of sages, both the blessings and the curses are equally potent.

Here is a scene from Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham where Kajol showers the choicest curses on a foreigner in the typical rustic Indian style. The foreigner does not understand the literal meaning of what Kajol says but fathoms that these are not compliments being paid and thus says ‘same to you‘!

In this post, I have tried to enlist songs which have blessings as well as those that are proponents of the theory of retributive action. Sometimes the dua (दुआ) is so worded that it is effectively a baddua (बददुआ). I shall cover both kinds of songs. There are also times when people respond when asked about their well being – aapki dua se sab theek hai (meaning I am doing well because of your good wishes)! This could be said sarcastically as well.

I must say here that film songs sung on occasions such as birthdays and Vidai (after marriage) have been excluded for there are several songs of this kind. So have songs addressed to God. The songs are of the golden era.

1) Har khushi Ho Wahaan (Upkaar, 1967) Lyricist: Gulshan Bawraa; Music Directors : Kalyanji Anandji; Playback Singer : Lata Mangeshkar. This song from Upkaar comes straight from the heart. The lyrics as well as the picturization are extremely pleasing. Manoj Kumar is in captivity and Asha Parekh is just wishing that he is fine. She showers the choicest of good wishes on him. The references to light and darkness in the song are very meaningful. The dialogue in between the mukhda and the antara is very well woven into the song.

har khushi ho wahan tu jahaan bhi rahe
zindagi ho wahaan tu jahaan bhi rahe

roshni ho wahaan tu jahaan bhi rahe....
teri raaton pe raaton ka saaya na ho
chaandni ho wahaan...

2) Salaamat Raho (Parasmani,1963) Lyricist: Indeevar; Music Directors : Laxmikant Pyarelal; Playback Singer : Md. Rafi. This melodious song based on Raag Pahadi from the movie that marked the debut of Laxmikant Pyarelal is all about wishing the lady the very best. Gitanjali is the dancer and Mahipal is on the sitar. Rafi sings so effortlessly. The song actually features a contest between the dancer and the musician, which the latter wins.

Roshan tumhi se duniya
raunaq tumhi jahan ki
phoolon me palne waali
rani ho gulsitan ki
salaamat raho..

dil chaahe toot jaaye
mere dil se yoon hi khelo
jeeti raho yoohi tum
meri bhi umr lelo
kis din dua na maangi
hamne tumhaari jaan ki
salaamat raho

3) Tere bachpan Ko Jawaani Ki Duaan Deti Hun (Mujhe Jeene Do, 1963) Lyricist: Sahir Ludhianvi; Music Director : Jaidev ; Playback Singer : Lata Mangeshkar. This poignant song describes the predicament of a mother whose son has to pay the price of the misdeeds of his parents. The hero of the movie is a dacoit who is on the run. He marries Waheeda and they have a son. Since they always live in fear of the police getting the better of them, the child does not lead a normal life. As a mother, she wishes that the child lives long but is at the same time fearful of the uncertain future.

Tere bachpan ko jawaani ki duaa deti hoon
aur duaa deke pareshaan si ho jaati hoon

4) Khush Raho Ahl-e-chaman (Main Chup Rahungi, 1962) Lyricist: Rajinder Krishan; Music Director : Chitragupt ; Playback Singer : Md.Rafi. This song is sung as a background song when the heroine leaves her home under very trying circumstances as she has a vow to keep. This song is akin to the heart wrenching chal ud ja re pancchi of Bhabhi(1957). The music director, playback singer and the lyricist are also the same. Even as Meena Kumari leaves her home, she wishes well for her village. The video link is embedded here.

Khush raho ahl-e-chaman ham to chaman chhod chale
khaaq pardes ki chhaanenge watan chhod chale

5) Sada Khush Rahe Tu Jafa Karnewaale (Pyaar Ka Sagar, 1961) Lyricist: Prem Dhawan; Music Director : Ravi; Playback Singer : Mukesh. This song is sung by Rajendra Kumar who feels betrayed upon learning that his lady love is married to some one else. The shock leads to an accident resulting in loss of vision. Incidentally, now his lady love is his sister-in-law. She is shattered upon seeing her lover in this state. At the same time, she is helpless as the situation has become extremely complicated. All she can do is wail as she hears the bitter Rajendra Kumar giving her a dua of being happy almost in the manner of a back-handed compliment as he feels deceived. Interestingly, the director of the movie is Devendra Goel, who made his debut with the movie Aankhen in 1950 which had a similar plot. The same story is reprised in Pyaar Ka Saagar. The music of both films is memorable.

Sitam aur bhi hon to woh bhi kiye ja
hon kuchh aur bhi gham to woh bhi diye ja
nahin phir bhi tujh se gila karne waale
dua kar rahe hain dua karne waale
sada khush rahe tu jafa karne waale
dua kar rahe hain dua karne waale

6) Aye Dilruba Jaanewafa Tere Siwa (Shirin Farhaad, 1956) Lyricist: Tanvir Naqvi; Music Director : S.Mohinder; Playback Singers : Hemant Kumar & Asha Bhosle. This happy romantic duet is one that lifts your spirits. Both the lady and the man wish for each other’s happiness. Tanvir Naqvi, the lyricist, was an accomplished Urdu poet who chose to settle in Pakistan. He however wrote the lyrics of songs in some movies such as Anmol Ghadi, Naata, Captain Kishore. He frequently worked with S.Mohinder. The lyrics of this song are rather refreshing.

Khuda tujhko har ik nazar se bachaaye
teri zindagi mein koi gham na aaye

har ik pal mussarrat ka paighaam laaye
jahaan jaaye meri dua saath jaaye

toote na dil armaan bhara
raushan rahe ae tera jahaan

na ho khatm teri khushi ka khazaana
tere lab na bhoolen kabhi muskuraana

mohabbat sunaaye wafa ka fasaana
rahe meharban tujhpe zaalim zamaana

dil ne tujhe di hai dua
phoole phale ae gulshan tera

7) Yahin Dua Hain Ki Tujhko Mile Sitam (Yasmin, 1955) Lyricist: Tanvir Naqvi; Music Director : C.Ramchandra; Playback Singer : Lata Mangeshkar. This movie had several memorable songs. This is perhaps one of the lesser known ones. It is a song which wishes ill for the beloved who has betrayed. There is a string of badduas in the song. It is not easy to write a love song of this kind with such strong feelings of retribution. There are very few songs of this genre.

ye hi dua hai ki tujh ko
mile sitam ki saza
jo mere dil ka hai
woh haal ho tere dil ka

bechain karne waale
tu bhi na chain paaye
teri hi bewafaayi
tujh ko lahu rulaaye

tu bhi tadap tadap kar
furqat ki raat kaate
guzra hua zamaana
tujh ko bhi yaad aaye

tadpe teri muhabbat
roye teri jawaani
har aah tere lab par
fariyaad ban ke aaye

tooten tere sahaare
koi bhi ho na tera
meri tarah se tu bhi
apne pe reham khaaye

8) Neend Ud Jaaye Teri (Juaari, 1968) Lyricist: Anand Bakshi ; Music Directors : Kalyanji Anandji ; Playback Singers : Suman Kalyanpur (for Nanda), Mubarak Begam (for Tanuja) & Krishna Bose (for Naaz). This is a very interesting song where there are three heroines and one hero. It is a classic case of ek anaar, sau beemaar!! For Naaz, the journey has just begun and so her part is the typical romantic banter with a playful bad dua; but for Tanuja and Nanda who are old flames, the story is different. They both have their old wounds to nurse. They actually want the hero to spend sleepless nights for all that has befallen them on account of his misdeeds. As the title of the movie suggests, Shashi Kapoor – the hero – is a gambler. It is worth noting that one of the singers is Krishna Bose who has sung very sparingly in Hindi films. In this song she sings for Naaz.

Neend ud jaaye teri chain se sone waale
ye duaa maangte hain nain ye rone waale

maine kiyaa in zulfon ka saayaa
tere liye aankhon mein kaajal lagaaya
dil ne dhadak ke di aawaazen
tujhe nahin aana thaa
 tu nahin aaya
meri aankhon ke kaajal ko
ashq hai dhone waale

maine ki hain zafaayen
 mujhse kyun ho wafaayen
lag gayin mujhko mere
pyaar ki bad-duaayen
tu wafaa karta ham to thhe
bewafa hone waale

koi tujhpe tohmat
 dharne nahin dee
dil ko shiqaayat karne nahin dee
kar liya dil ka khoon bhi hamne
aankh sitamgar bharne nahin dee
aaj lekin na maanenge
royenge rone waale

9) Mere Dushman Tu Meri Dosti Ko Tarse (Aaye Din Bahaar Ke, 1966) Lyricist: Anand Bakshi ; Music Directors : Laxmikant Pyarelal ; Playback Singer: Md.Rafi. This is a song where the toxicity is rather intense. The wishes that are heaped on the beloved are extremely malevolent. Dharmendra, the hero, is enraged at finding his lady love in the party with an infant in her arms. There is perhaps more to the hatred for which one would have to see the movie. He showers one curse after another even as two dancers dance as though it is just another romantic party song that is being sung.

Mere dil se sitamgar toone achchi dillagi ki hai
ke banke dost apne doston se dushmani ki hai

mere dushman tu meri dosti ko tarse
mujhe gham dene waale tu khushi ko tarse

tu phool bane patjhad kaa, tujh pe bahaar na aaye kabhi
meri hi tarah tu tadpe tujhko qaraar na aaye kabhi
jiye tu is tarah ke zindagi ko tarse

itnaa to asar kar jaayen meri wafaayen o bewafaa
ik roz tujhe yaad aayen apni jafaayen o bewafaa
pashemaan hoke roye, tu hansi ko tarse

tere gulshan se zyaadaa veeraan koi veeraanaa na ho
is duniyaa mein koi teraa apnaa to kyaa, begaanaa na ho
kisi kaa pyaar kyaa tu berukhi ko tarse

10) Guzre Hain Aaj Ishq Mein (Dil Diya Dard Liya, 1966) Lyricist: Shakeel Badayuni ; Music Director : Naushad ; Playback Singer: Md.Rafi. This song from Dil Diya Dard Liya is full of negative emotions. The hero seeks revenge from his beloved. He wishes her ill. He wants her to undergo the same pain as him. He feels betrayed. He actually talks of how vengeful he can be.

O bewafa,
tera bhi yoon hi toot jaaye dil
tu bhi tadap tadap ke
pukaare ke haaye dil
tera bhi saamnaa ho kabhi,
gham ki shaam se

hum woh nahin jo pyaar mein
rokar guzaar den
parchchaayeen bhi ho teri to
thokar pe maar dein
waaqif hain hum bhi khoob
har ek inteqaam se

guzre hain aaj ishq mein
hum us maqaam se
nafrat si ho gayee hai
mohabbat ke naam se

This ends my list of songs of good and ill wishes. The songs of good wishes are very pleasant to hear. Thankfully, there aren’t too many songs which are toxic. Generally, the lady or the man who feels betrayed wails but seldom wishes ill. Most of the songs of betrayal are those where the person wallows in self pity and blames the world or destiny. In this post, I have tried to list the miniscule minority of songs that border on seeking retributive justice.

Disclaimer claims no credit for any image, screenshots or songs posted on this site. The images and screenshots are the copyright of their original owners. The song links are shared from YouTube, daily motion and other platforms only to make the post audio visual. The copyright of these songs rests with the respective owners, producers and music companies.

16 thoughts on “Songs of good and ill wishes

  1. Very interesting theme and equally interesting set of songs.
    The songs which instantly came my way were,
    Mere dushman tu meri and Tumhe aur kya doon

    The former is already there on the list and the latter can’t be a part.

    The other songs,

    Dua kar gham e dil khuda se from Anarkali



    1. Thanks for appreciating the post, Anupji! I consciously excluded the birthday songs as there are many with duas – Tu Jiye Hazaron Saal, Tumhe Aur Kya Dun Min, Baar baar din yeh aaye….. The other category is the marriage/bidai one where again one is bound to find many songs like baabul ki duaein leti jaa…. Thanks for the song from Anarkali, which was on my list! I finally chose to exclude it as there is a fervent appeal to God.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Zeenat Aman, celebrating her birthday today..


    Aina wohi rehta hai..

    Lot of badduas here.


    Tu auron ki kyon ho gayi.

    Little badduva here.


  3. Anita,
    This is a nice category. Two songs came to my mind, but you have excluded this category:
    1. ‘Khush raho har khushi hai tumhare liye’
    2. ‘Mubarak hai tumko samaan ye suhana’



  4. A different and interesting post!

    Mere dushman tu meri dosti ko tarse is indeed quite a harsh song, too much of ill-wishes.
    The situation is bit strange, considering the hero Dharmendra is supposed to sing a song on the occasion of Nazima’s birthday party. He meets Asha Parekh there after being separated from her for long and had been made to believe that she had married someone else.
    Interestingly, no one cares that he is singing such a hateful song instead of a blessful one at the birthday party.

    How about Meri kahani bhoolnewale tera jahan aabad rahe from Deedar?

    And these two songs from Suhaag Raat?
    Ganga maiya mein jab tak ye paani rahe

    khush raho har khushi hai tumhare liye – Suhaag Raat


    1. Thanks for reading and appreciating the post, Dr.Deshpande! The song from Aaye Din Bahar Ke is one of its kind. It is extremely vitriolic. And the two girls dancing are do not care about the mood of the song or its lyrics.
      The two songs that you have added – from Deedar and Suhaag Raat – are perfect!!


  5. Sorry, I saw the Meri dushman tu meri song again. Its a New Year Party, not birthday party.
    Its been long since I had seen the movie.


    1. Thanks for commenting, Ashokji! I found this song to be more of a commentary on the world and its ways with a fervent appeal to God at the end. I had excluded this category of songs where there is an appeal to God in the post. However, this is an apt song for my earlier post – The Worldly songs. You may want to read the post. Copying the link here –


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