About Me

Only those who adapt survive!

Hello everybody! Welcome to my blog ‘Trivia- the spice of life’. Trivia is what adds flavour to life. At the end of a day, when you sit back and reflect, what you rejoice and reminisce are the little things that occurred which made your day – a small thank you message from a friend, a song that you heard after years, a parrot that you saw perched on a branch outside your window – the list could be endless. It is this trivia that distinguishes one day of life from another. It is about this trivia that I would be writing about – something that everyone can relate to.

If you ask me who I am, well, I am Anita, a loving wife, a working mother of two adorable daughters, an amateur singer, a radio jockey in my free time (when I play all the retro Hindi film songs I thrive on) and a die hard fan of hand loom sarees. Isn’t that enough for a life time?

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