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Home Favourites

Posted on 26/06/2021 by Trivia – The Spice of Life

Home is where the heart is, they say! And even in your home, there is scope for setting your heart at some specific places and in some defined objects. Don’t most of us have our own corner or chair which we feel, we have a monopoly over, in our homes?

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I remember how a few years back, the extreme left seat of my three seater sofa became my most preferred place in the living room. The best part is that it still continues to be like the Zen Buddhist cat ritual, though the reason why it all started, fortunately, no longer exists. About four years ago, I had fractured my left wrist and my entire left arm from below the shoulder till the wrist was in a cast – something which adorned my left hand for a good five weeks. I would look to get the left hand off the sling and rest it horizontally on a sturdy and flat surface as frequently as possible. What better surface could there be than the arm rest of the sofa in the living room. And since it was my left hand that was fractured, I started sitting on the extreme left seat of my three seater sofa resting my broken arm, wrapped in the solid cast, on the armrest of the sofa. There was also the teapoy (coffee table) just adjacent to the sofa. This was the place where all the books I read were kept. My tea cup too would be kept there to sip tea gingerly, ensuring I did not strain my broken wrist. Thus, this became my coveted seat in the living room so much so that even to this day, I feel I have a special right over that particular seat. My family – sometimes grudgingly – ensures that the seat is left vacant for me.

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Just like the living room sofa seat, many have a penchant for a specific place at the dining table. And sometimes, when a guest inadvertently occupies your place at the table, there is nothing you can do to supplant the guest, as that would be too rude and disrespectful. So you have your entire meal sporting a (fake !!) smile but not without stealing glances at your preferred place. This feeling of entitlement extends to cutlery too. I still remember how as a child I would insist on eating my lunch and dinner in one particular thali (dinner plate). I would kick a fuss if somebody else was served food in my thali. My mother would be forced to give in and my thali would eventually reach me. Even now, when I visit my mother’s place, my thali is kept ready for me!!

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Then, there is the newspaper where one has some favourite pages or supplements. If someone else is reading the newspaper, you look at the person so beseechingly, that the other person is compelled to be generous and finally ends up parting with your favourite page/supplement.

It is struggling for perpetual rights over a few of your favoutire things/spaces – even if they seem trivial to others – that makes life more spicy.

2 thoughts on “Home Favourites

  1. Anitaji,

    An interesting short post on a topic which is close to all of us. You are bang on spot about each one having a favourite place or thing in our house.

    Even in my house, all of us have our own chair, plate, utensil, cup, favourite corner etc.

    Often we consider them lucky or auspicious and stick to them!!

    This does make add colour and spice to life!!


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