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All about going up and down

Posted on Trivia- The Spice of Life on 29/01/2023 With increasing concretization of our urban agglomerates, the only scope for expansion is vertical, as there is little scope left for horizontal expansion. The logical fallout of that is sky scrapers with elevators to negotiate the ever increasing number of storeys. Elevators, thus, are now aContinue reading “All about going up and down”

The Tyagaraja Aaradhana – A Unique Musical Tribute

Posted on Trivia – The Spice of Life on 15/01/2023 [ Here’s wishing all the readers a very Happy Sankranti!] Tyagaraja Image courtesy : Those who are familiar with Carnatic music are sure to know about the Tyagaraja Aaradhana – an annual commemoration of the poet saint Tyagaraja – which is usually held inContinue reading “The Tyagaraja Aaradhana – A Unique Musical Tribute”

To Mollycoddle or To Let Go

Posted on Trivia – The Spice of Life on 26/11/2022 Image courtesy : & I am sure all parents would have been told that life will be less stressful, once the children grow up and become more independent. The truth is that there are challenges at each stage of parenting. It is justContinue reading “To Mollycoddle or To Let Go”

The Psychology of Numbers

Posted on Trivia- the Spice of Life on 29/10/2022 Psychology of numbers Image Courtesy: What’s in a name? That which we call a rose By any other name would smell as sweet; These are immortal lines of Shakespeare from his play Romeo and Juliet. Can we say the same about numbers? Well, I believeContinue reading “The Psychology of Numbers”

Konaseema Tourism – Waves, Weaves and Much More

Posted on Trivia- The Spice of Life on 25/06/2022 As children start growing up, a family vacation is rather challenging to plan and execute. However, determined to steal some quality time and explore an area which is akin to a hidden treasure trove, we set off to Konaseema (coastal Andhra Pradesh) during the Ganeshotsav breakContinue reading Konaseema Tourism – Waves, Weaves and Much More”

The World Behind the Mask (मास्क के पीछे की दुनिया का वर्णन)

(Posted on 29/08/2022 on Trivia- The Spice of Life) [Many a slice of life post that I write, especially in Hindi, can be attributed to a school assignment of my daughters. This piece was written on the fly for an elocution that my daughter wanted to participate in. Since I had taken the effort toContinue reading “The World Behind the Mask (मास्क के पीछे की दुनिया का वर्णन)”

The Tote Bag Story

Posted on Trivia – the Spice of Life on 09/08/2022 Recently, a branded tote bag was in the news. I have no interest whatsoever in the political wrangles surrounding the tote bag. My love is for the tote bag per se. While the motto of life should be simple living and high thinking, when itContinue reading “The Tote Bag Story”

Internet Suffering

Posted on Trivia – The Spice of Life on 18/06/2022 About a fortnight ago, I was interviewing candidates for filling the post of a clerk in office. I had imagined that the entire process would be rather monotonous and uneventful. That is what past experience had taught me. Usually, candidates who appear for interviews forContinue reading “Internet Suffering

The free wheeling two wheeler

Posted on Trivia – The Spice of Life on 22/05/2022 Riding two wheelers, by and large, is considered infra dig vis-à-vis riding four wheelers. Owning a four wheeler is a sign of upward social mobility. The bigger your car, the more prosperous you are, at least in India. But given the bumper to bumper trafficContinue reading “The free wheeling two wheeler”


Posted on Trivia- The Spice of Life on 01/05/2022 कहते हैं – कर भला तो हो भला ; अर्थात् , अगर हम दूसरों का भला करेंगे तो हमारा भला अवश्य होगा। साथ ही ऐसी भी धारणा है कि ‘नेकी कर दरिया में डाल‘ ; यानी कोई भी अच्छा काम करो जिससे किसी और की मददContinue reading “भला-बुरा”