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Similar Tune, Two Different Songs

Posted on Trivia – The Spice of Life on 19/12/2021

This was a post I had wanted to pen for more than a year. However, I was not able to get the fifth pair of songs. The other day, when I was commuting to work, I heard a song on Vividh Bharati which made my day. The fifth pair was finally ready. There have been many posts on inspired songs where the tune of Hindi film song can be traced to another song of a foreign realm. This list is quite long. However, I have tried to put together five pairs where one Hindi film song appears to have been inspired by another from a different movie. Also, if it is the same music director, it would perhaps be more appropriate to say rehashed or reused rather than inspired. In the pair, the first song is of the golden era. The second however is not necessarily so. I must add here that more often than not, the similarity is limited to the mukhda and not the antaras.

1a) Aaj Mausam Ki Masti Mein (Banarsi Thug, 1962/1963??) Lyricist : Hasrat Romani; Music Director : Iqbal Qureshi; Playback Singers : Md.Rafi & Lata Mangeshkar. This was a totally new song for me and I heard it for the first time just a couple of days back. The tune of the song is wholly like Ek Chameli Ke Mandve Tale. It however turns out that this song predates it. It is a romantic duet which features Manoj Kumar and Vijaya Choudhary. It is also strange that this song, with the same tune did not become popular!


1b) Ek Chameli Ke Mandve Tale (Cha Cha Cha, 1964) Lyricist : Maqdoom Mohiuddin; Music Director : Iqbal Qureshi; Playback Singers : Md.Rafi & Asha Bhosle. This movie had Chandrashekhar Vaidya donning all hats – of the actor, director and male lead. Helen was his heroine. Interestingly, the lyricist Maqdoom Mohiuddin also was a multifaceted personality; he was a politician, trade unionist and a prolific Urdu poet. Some of his poems were turned into film songs.

2a) Woh Dil Kahan Se Laun (Bharosa, 1963) Lyricist : Rajinder Krishan; Music Director: Ravi; Playback Singer : Lata Mangeshkar. Featuring Asha Parekh and Guru Dutt, this film had some memorable music. This song is picturized beautifully on the sea shore. The symbolism is very well captured on camera. The tune of the mukhda of this song seems to have been rehashed and used for the mukhda of another song which is mentioned below.


2b) Dil Mein Kisike Pyaar Ka (Ek Mahal Ho Sapnon Ka, 1975) Lyricist : Sahir Ludhianvi; Music Director: Ravi; Playback Singer : Lata Mangeshkar/Kishore Kumar. This is a song that has two versions – male and female. This movie which is a love triangle with a very convoluted plot had some melodious songs by Ravi.

3a) Khoobsurat Hasina (Mr.X in Bombay, 1964) Lyricist : Anand Bakshi; Music Director: Laxmikant Pyarelal; Playback Singer : Kishore Kumar. This is a science fiction film. This song is a loveable duet where both the hero and heroine tease each other about a non-existent competing lover. The picturization of the song is not very great as the special effects come unstuck.


3b) Ae Mere Humsafar (Baazigar, 1993) Lyricist : Gauhar Kanpuri; Music Director: Anu Malik ; Playback Singer : Vinod Rathod & Alka Yagnik. Anu Malik is by no means one of my favourites. However, since the theme of the post demanded that I include this song, I have. The mukhda of the song is completely ‘inspired‘ by the song from Mr.X in Bombay. Vinod Rathod, the male singer is really gifted but his potential has perhaps not been tapped fully.

4a) Baad Muddat Ke Yeh Ghadi aayi (Jahan Ara, 1964) Lyricist : Rajinder Krishan; Music Director: Madan Mohan; Playback Singers: Md.Rafi & Suman Kalyanpur. A historical movie based on Jahan Ara’s love story, this movie had some outstanding compositions by Madan Mohan. This song is picturized on Mala Sinha and Bharat Bhushan (who looks rather avuncular!).


4b) Mujhse Naaraaz Ho To Ho Jao (Papa Kehte Hain, 1996) Lyricist : Javed Akhtar; Music Director: Rajesh Roshan; Playback Singer: Sonu Nigam. This is one of the early songs that Sonu Nigam sang. He sounds so much like Rafi! The mukhda of the song is inspired by the song from Jahan Ara mentioned above. The song features a father (Anupam Kher) and daughter (Mayuri Kango). The lyrics too are very meaningful.

5a) Banda Parwar (Phir Wohi Dil Laya Hun, 1963) Lyricist : Majrooh Sultanpuri; Music Director: O.P.Nayyar; Playback Singer : Md.Rafi. O.P.Nayyar is famous for his Tonga beats and thus this song has his signature stamp. Due to the prolific use of Tonga beats, there is a certain similarity in all these songs ( Maang Ke Saath Tumhaara and Piya Piya Piya also fall in this category).


5b) Ello Ji Sanam Hum Aa Gaye (Andaz Apna Apna, 1994) Lyricist : Majrooh Sultanpuri; Music Director: Tushar Bhatia ; Playback Singers : Vicky Mehta & Behroz Chatterji. Tushar Bhatia, the music director of the movie, is a diehard O.P.Nayyar admirer. He composed the music of this song which almost mirrored the song from Phir Wohi Dil Laya Hun. Even the picturization of the song was reminiscent of this song. Both the playback singers also recreated the old world charm. Majrooh’s lyrics added more meaning to the song and he was the common link between the two songs, having penned both!!

Having listed my 5 pairs, I would like to end by saying that there are quite a few similarities that one can find between their tunes – especially in their mukhdas. If it is the same music director, then it could be termed reusing or rehashing the tune, though the rationale behind this is not always very evident. If it is inspiration, then I feel credit must be given to the original composer. Harping more on this would lead me into the realm of ethics in composing music, which I am not competent to comment on.

Disclaimer claims no credit for any image, screenshots or songs posted on this site. The images and screenshots are the copyright of their original owners. The song links are shared from Daily Motion, YouTube and other platforms only to make the post audio visual. The copyright of these songs rests with the respective owners, producers and music companies.

13 thoughts on “Similar Tune, Two Different Songs

  1. A good post. I had thought of a similar list, though I couldn’t make it actually.

    The first pair of songs I had in mind was,
    Both songs by S D Burman.

    Main kal phir milungi from Dr Vidya


    Kisi ki mohabbat mein

    The second pair was,

    Yeh hawa ye sama from shagufa by C Ramchandra.


    Mil gaye mil gaye aaj mere sanam from kanyadan by SJ.

    I had only two pairs on my list. Then I left it and finally completely forgot.

    I remembered it when I watched the title. I May come up with more.
    At present, I’ll stop.



  2. Oh,
    And of course,

    Roshan’s songs,

    Tera dil kahan hai


    Rahen na rahen hum from Mamata.

    Both the songs are said be inspired from,

    Thandi hawayen lehrati laye by Lata Mangeshkar from Naujawan.
    Also Sagar Kinare from Sagar is also supposedly inspired from thandi hawayen.




  3. Oh!
    I remembered one more pair,
    Oh boy!
    I should have completed my list. Anyways……

    Tara rara rum from Hoor e Arab by Ghulam Mohammad


    Bachna zara ye zamana hai bura by N Datta

    I should really take a break now.



      1. As I said in my comments, I left the list incomplete and forgot totally about it. If I would have stressed a bit on my memory that time itself I could have completed the list. But anyways, if I happen to recollect any more pairs, I’ll present it.
        While thinking about it, I remembered a new pair.
        I know a pair of songs from the same film with similar tunes.

        Film – Dil Hi To Hai

        Composer – Roshan

        Chura le tum ko yeh mausam suhana

        Suman Kalyanpur’s solo which was not a part of the film. But it’s quite popular.

        Yunhi Dil Ne chaha tha

        I am of the opinion that these two tunes are same, as far as the mukhda is concerned.

        Do you agree?



      2. The tunes are no doubt similar. But I felt they are like two versions of the song – sad and happy. Like Ek akela Sheher mein and Do Diwane sheher mein from Gharonda.
        When you speak of two songs from the same film with the same tune, I am also reminded of Saanjh Dhale Gagan Tale and Neelam Ke Nabh Chhaye both based on Raag Vibhas. and

        Liked by 1 person

  4. Since Anupji has covered most of the songs (and some more) that I’d intended to include in my comment, I will skip those and go to another pair I recently discovered.

    From Bewaqoof, there’s Hum toh hain tum par dil se fida, composed by SD Burman:

    And, from China Town, made two years later and with its music by Ravi, there’s Yamma yamma; the ‘Ya dilruba bit sung by Shammi Kapoor is very similar to the tune of the Bewaqoof song.


    1. Madhuji, thanks a lot for this pair. If you have watched Bewaqoof, I am sure you would have been staring in disbelief at the helicopter chase in the end. I S Johar is capable of just about anything in his films. Though I know both these songs, I did not recall them.

      Liked by 1 person

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