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Fairy Tale Week

This week has been ‘Fairy Tale Week’ for me. Please do not draw conclusions just yet. I say this not because something magical or unbelievable happened. I call it ‘Fairy Tale Week’ because both my daughters kept me busy with Fairy Tales. As you can see from my posts (other than the ones on filmContinue reading “Fairy Tale Week”

The Krishna-Sudama Story Dramatized in Hindi

This week even as I thought I would work on the second part of ‘Terrace’ songs, my daughter’s school kept me busy. My daughter, who is in the third standard had to stage a play on the story of Krishna Sudama in Hindi. The entire class was divided into 5 groups. Imagine doing a playContinue reading “The Krishna-Sudama Story Dramatized in Hindi”

The Anchored feeling

Today’s world is characterized by increased mobility with the great technological leaps that mankind is taking. The mobile has almost become akin to a body organ. We have all sorts of gadgets and contraptions that we cling on to even as we amble or exercise, sit or rest – be it the fitness tracker watchContinue reading “The Anchored feeling”