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Songs of wishes, desires and expectations– fulfilled and unfulfilled

Posted on Trivia- The Spice of Life on 11/09/2022 Screen grab Courtesy : YouTube As long as we live, we have desires. Our entire life is devoted to chasing one wish after another, one desire after another. Gautama Buddha in fact said that desire is the root cause of all misery. Be that as itContinue reading “Songs of wishes, desires and expectations– fulfilled and unfulfilled”

Birthday Goose bumps

I sincerely hope some of you, especially those belonging to my generation, must have experienced what I call birthday goose bumps.  Let me explain. I pick up my smart phone and as I read my Whats App messages, I notice that I have furtively been made a member of a Whats App group whose raisonContinue reading “Birthday Goose bumps”