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Texting, Writing or Typing ??

Posted on 21/08/2021 by Trivia – The Spice of Life Image courtesy: and Those like me who grew up before the advent of the IT (information technology) revolution would cringe at the kind of acronyms teenagers use nowadays. I recently got a first hand experience of what generation gap is and also feltContinue reading Texting, Writing or Typing ??

The Krishna-Sudama Story Dramatized in Hindi

This week even as I thought I would work on the second part of ‘Terrace’ songs, my daughter’s school kept me busy. My daughter, who is in the third standard had to stage a play on the story of Krishna Sudama in Hindi. The entire class was divided into 5 groups. Imagine doing a playContinue reading “The Krishna-Sudama Story Dramatized in Hindi”