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The Adieu Solos

Posted on Trivia – The Spice of Life on 04/06/2023 There are quite a few songs where something has grossly gone wrong because of which a character has to leave for good. These are songs bidding adieu. This is a post devoted to such songs where a person is leaving, sometimes vowing never to return.Continue reading “The Adieu Solos”

One Movie, Many Lyricists

Posted by Trivia – The Spice of Life on 28/08/2021 Some time ago, fellow blogger Anupji had written a post – Triad of Singers. The concept was very novel. It was an attempt to enlist songs (of the same movie) where three different voices sing for the same actor/actress. Taking a leaf out of hisContinue reading “One Movie, Many Lyricists”

Solo Songs of Lata – Vocal Preludes Special

There is a genre of songs which is unique and uncommon – where there is a prelude, which has both instrumental as well as vocal music. This genre of poetry is perhaps called Qat’a in Urdu and vilambit laya (introductory slow tempo) in Hindustani classical music. The prelude is slow when compared to the restContinue reading “Solo Songs of Lata – Vocal Preludes Special”