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Songs of the Sun🌞

Posted by Trivia – The Spice of Life on 31/07/2021

Screen grab Courtesy : YouTube

Isn’t it strange that there are umpteen songs of the golden era that mention the moon? The moon has been a faithful companion of lovers. The moon is pampered no end. What would all the lyricists do without the moon? But the star that gives its light to the moon is seldom mentioned in songs. Yes, I refer to the sun. There are songs that refer to a new dawn (Usha) as signifying a new beginning. However, these songs refer to the sun metaphorically. There are very few songs that actually refer to the sun and dedicate the mukhda if not the entire song to the sun. This could be attributed to the fact that that sun’s light is harsh and blinding, unlike that of the moon. Thus, to write songs – especially romantic songs – coopting the sun would be challenging.

Nevertheless, I have tried to make a list of ten songs which refer to the sun in the mukhda. I have steered clear of metaphorical songs. I have not included songs where the sun is referred to indirectly or obliquely as subah ka tara, pighalta sona or jyoti kalash. I have also avoided songs which refer to both the sun and the moon at least in the mukhda. I felt that this should be a post dedicated solely to the sun. That is why I have not included songs like Chanda Hain Tu Mera Suraj Hain Tu (Aradhana, 1969) and Tujhe Suraj Kahun Ya Chanda (Ek Phool Do Maali, 1969). That is also one of the reasons why the songs of the setting sun have not been included as such songs generally mention the moon.

1) Suraj Jaaga Dharti Jaagi (Aahuti, 1950) Lyricist : Tandon (?); Music Director : D.C.Dutt; Playback Singers : Shankar Dasgupta & Geeta Dutt. There seems to be some confusion about the name of the movie and the lyricist too. This is an unheard melody. Shankar Dasgupta the male playback singer of this song was very gifted; he also directed the music of some films. His song from the movie Adhikaar (1954) – Maati Kahe Kumhaar Se – is very popular. He assisted Anil Biswas and Jaidev as well. Also the names of the music director and the lyricist of the song at hand are unfamiliar to me. However, the song is beautiful and has been sung by Geeta Dutt and Shankar Dasgupta mellifluously. The song is in praise of the sun and how all life and light on earth are courtesy the sun.

Suraj jaagaa dharti jaagi
bhaaga ghor andhera re

aahon ki aawaaz nahin hain
chaand ka toota saaz nahin hain
utraa sukh ka deraa re

kirne laayin jeevan jyoti
chamke aashaaon ke moti
chamka nayaa savera re

2) Suraj Re Jalte Rehna (Harishchandra Taramati, 1963) Lyricist : Kavi Pradeep; Music Directors : Laxmikant Pyarelal; Playback Singer : Hemant Kumar. Picturized on Prithviraj Kapoor who plays the role of Raja Harishchandra, this song is iconic. It is also allegorical as the word Suraj refers both to the sun and Harishchandra. This is a song that inspires you to continue doing good and being good, no matter what befalls you. That the destiny of the sun is to burn itself but give light to others is very well captured by Kavi Pradeep – the lyricist. The fact that Hemant Kumar sang this song for Laxmikant Pyarelal is also worth noting.

Karodon log prithvi ke bhatakte hain
karodon aanganon mein hain andheraa
arre jab tak na ho ghar ghar mein ujiyaalaa
samajh le hain adhooraa kaam teraa
jagat uddhaar mein abhi der hain
abhi to duniyaa main andher hain

Suraj re jalte rehnaa
jagat bhar ki roshni ke liye
karodon ki zindagi ke liye
suraj re jalte rehnaa

3) Suraj Zara Aa Paas Aa (Ujala, 1959) Lyricist : Shailendra; Music Directors : Shankar Jaikishan; Playback Singer : Manna Dey and Chorus. Ujala was the first movie where Shankar Jaikishan directed the music and Shammi Kapoor played the male lead. Another unique aspect of the movie was that Rafi lent his voice to only one song featuring Shammi Kapoor. The song at hand is sung by Manna Dey. It is such a lovely and poignant song where the poor and hungry children are dreaming about having a square meal. They ask the sun to come close as they want to use its heat to cook their imaginary rotis. They are also generous as they invite the sky too for the feast. Shailendra’s lyrics, for a song picturized on children, are apt. The make believe meal that is whipped up – aaloo tamaatar ka saag, imli ki chutney bane uyee huyee huyi, roti karaari sekein, ghee uspe asli lage – is simple but delicious.

Suraj zaraa aa paas aa
aaj sapnon ki roti pakaayenge ham
ae aasmaan tu bada meharbaan
aaj tujhko bhi daawat khilaayenge ham

4) Mein Suraj hun Tu Meri Kiran (Dil Ne Phir Yaad Kiya, 1966) Lyricist : G.L.Rawal; Music Directors : Sonik Omi; Playback Singers : Md.Rafi & Asha Bhosle. This was a film that had the three Rawal brothers occupying centrestage. Banarasi Lal Rawal was the producer, Chaman Lal Rawal the director and Gulzari Lal Rawal the lyricist of the film. Thus, it was all in the family. The movie’s storyline is said to be pretty tortuous and intolerable. The music directors were the uncle – nephew duo Sonik Omi. The story goes that the duo was not too happy with the way they had composed this song and even skipped dinner on the day they recorded the song. However, the lyrics – Mein Suraj Hu Tu Meri Kiran – somewhat sounded like the title song of the movie Suraj which was also released in 1966. And the song by itself was a lovely composition and thus became very popular. When you hear it, you would perhaps associate it with O.P. Nayyar. It has Dharmendra and Nutan blissfully riding horses in the lap of nature.

Main suraj hoon 
tu meri kiran
sang teraa rahen 

main aag mein teri
jal jaaoon 
dil mera kahe

5) Taaron Mein Sajke Apne Suraj Se (Jal Bin Machli Nritya Bin Bijli, 1971) Lyricist : Majrooh Sultanpuri; Music Directors: Laxmikant Pyarelal ; Playback Singer : Mukesh. This song is from a movie produced and directed by V.Shantaram. Abhijeet and Sandhya appear on screen. This is a stage song. Abhijeet is on the piano. Sandhya dressed in a sequined outfit – signifying the taare or stars – tries to bring alive the lyrics through her dance. A somewhat amateurish attempt to portray the solar system has been made. The music of the song is however very different and rather appealing. It seems to have been inspired by the theme music of the 1966 English movie ‘The Good, the Bad and the Ugly‘.

Taaron mein saj ke
apne suraj se
dekho dharti chali milney
jhanki paayal mach gayee hulchul
ambar saara lagaa hilney

Aag se lapken, 
jalati huyi raahen 
ji ko dahlaayen
bechain toofan ki aahe
na daregi na rukegi
dekhe kyaa ho kahaa dil ne

6) Pehli Kiran Suraj Ki Giri Hain (Mahasati Ansuya, 1965) Lyricist : Bharat Vyas; Music Director: S.N.Tripathi ; Playback Singer : Suman Kalyanpur. This is a real hidden gem, sung by Suman Kalyanpur. While Jyoti Kalash Chalke sung by Lata Mangeshkar has become so popular, this song which is in the same vein and perhaps composed in the same raaga, is hardly known. There isn’t too much information about the movie as well. The lead roles were played by Shahu Modak (who largely played roles in mythological films) and Anita Guha. Unfortunately, a video of this melodious song is not available.

Aaj magan main apne bhagya Par
kaliyan khili manmadhuban ki
chamka surya suhana aisa
bhor hui nav jeevan ki 

Pehli kiran suraj ki giri hain
mere angna mein
preetam prem ki baaje sargam
mere kangana mein

7) Yeh Kaun Hain Jiske Aane Se Suraj Ki (Aurat, 1967) Lyricist : Shakeel Badayuni; Music Director: Ravi ; Playback Singers : Mahendra Kapoor & Asha Bhosle. This is another lesser known melody and one of the rare ones where the beauty of the lady is said to be so radiant that even the rays of the sun feel inferior. The song is picturized on Feroz Khan and Padmini. Generally in Hindi film music, the lady’s radiance is compared to the soft, soothing light of the moon (e.g. tu hain aisi kiran jo raat dhale, chandani me naha ke aayi ho, ye tera nur ye tere jalwe, jis tarah chand ho sitaro mein). This is one of those songs where Shakeel penned the lyrics but not for Naushad.

Ye kaun hain jiske aane se, 
suraj ki kiran sharmai hain
ye kiske badan ke sholo ne 
pani mein aag lagai hain

8) Jaise Suraj ki Garmi Se (Parinay, 1974) Lyricist : Ramanand Sharma (?); Music Director: Jaidev ; Singers : Sharma Bandhu. This is one of the most memorable film bhajans in praise of Lord Ram. Written by Ramanand Sharma (?), this bhajan shows the mettle of Jaidev. The Sharma brothers sing in great unison and fill the listener’s mind with devotion. Both Shabana and Romesh Sharma -i.e. the lead pair of the movie – were from FTII, Pune. It is interesting to note that the sun, has not been described very charitably in this bhajan. The scorching heat of the sun is contrasted with the comforting shade of a tree. And it is said that once one comes under the protection of Lord Ram, one feels the same kind of solace that would be felt by standing in the shade of a tree after being troubled by the blazing heat of the sun.

Jaise suraj ki garmi se
jalte huye tan ko
mil jaaye taruvar ki chhaaya

aisa hi sukh mere
man ko mila hain
main jabse sharan teri aaya
mere Raam

9) Savere Ka Suraj Tumhare Liye Hain (Ek Baar Muskura Do, 1972) Lyricist : Indeevar; Music Director: O.P.Nayyar ; Playback Singer: Kishore Kumar. This is a perfect heartbreak song rendered soulfully by Kishore. He sings for Deb Mukherjee, who is pouring out his heart in a party after having been betrayed by his lover. The lyrics conjure up a vivid image of the bright rising sun vis à vis a flickering flame on the brink of being extinguished. Obviously, the latter does not stand a chance when confronted with the incandescence of the former. All the songs of the movie are very memorable, though the movie did not do well. O.P.Nayyar made many impressive tunes for the movie.

Savere ka suraj tumhaare liye hain
ye bujhate diye ko naa tum yaad karnaa

10) Tu Lali Hain Sawere Wali (Abhi To Jee Le, 1977) Lyricist : Naqsh Lyallpuri ; Music Directors: Sapan Jagmohan ; Playback Singers: Kishore Kumar and Asha Bhosle. This is a lovely duet from a nondescript movie based on student politics. It is said that the movie released a long time after it was actually shot. The movie features Danny Denzongpa and Jaya Bhaduri , both whom were FTII classmates. It is shot very tastefully. The lyrics of the song also are very meaningful. The mukhda loosely translates as You are the light of dawn and I am the sky. You are the sun and I am the earth; I cannot survive without you. It only depicts how important the sun is for life on earth.

Tu laali hain
gagan rang de
 tu mere man kaa
jo suraj tu
 main dharti teri
tu saathi hai
n mere jeevan kaa

While writing this post, I realized how partial the lyricists have been to the moon and how neglected the sun is, though it gives its light to the moon. The reason for this is perhaps that the light of the sun is far too bright, harsh and blinding than the lyricists of film songs would want it to be. Songs tend to only refer to the dawn but not the sun directly. They also refer to the setting sun to signify the end of life or hope. The soft and mellow light of the moon with its changing shape is more suitable for poetry. Further, the moon is the confidant of lovers who meet in its presence, to escape the prying eyes of the world. Nevertheless, my loyalties (at least for this post) are firmly with the sun!!

Disclaimer, claims no credit for any image, screenshots or songs posted on this site. The images and screenshots are the copyright of their original owners. The song links are shared from Daily Motion, YouTube and other platforms only to make the post audiovisual. The copyright of these songs rests with the respective owners, producers and music companies.

9 thoughts on “Songs of the Sun🌞

  1. Anita,
    I would not have thought that there are enough ‘Suraj’ songs for a post. Song #6 is unknown to me. You must have dredged deep to compile these songs. I can’t think of any. Congratulations for coming up this ‘hat ke’ idea.


    1. AKji, thanks for reading! You are right when you say that I had to dredge deep. There are not enough songs that directly mention the sun. The song at #6 is a real gem. It shows how great a singer Suman Kalyanpur is. It is a pity that this song is unknown. I too heard it for the first time. The lyrics of the song too were not available on any website. I heard them and made a note.


  2. My mind was a complete blank when I began reading this post – I couldn’t think of a single non-metaphorical song about the sun. But you’ve managed to make a fine list. A special thank you for Tu laali hai saverewaali – that song’s a particular favourite of mine.


  3. Anitaji,
    very good list of songs mentioning the actual Sun and not metaphorically. otherwise there would have been many songs fitting it.
    The song I thought of was ‘Suraj re Jalte Rehna’ from Harishchandra Taramti.
    At the moment can’t think of a song to add,
    Well done.



  4. Anitaji,

    An interesting new theme! You do have a knack of choosing the uncommon.
    Its not easy making a song list on the sun. But you have put together a nice collection.

    The word Suraj reminds me of two songs from my school days.
    One is Suraj ki garmi se from Parinay. Thanks for posting it. It used to play regularly on radio and DD during those times and I always enjoyed it.
    Another one is the famous qawwali by Aziz Naza – Chadhta suraj dheere dheere dhalta hai dhal jayega.

    The other songs that I could recall besides some of the ones in your list, are the fairly recent ones.

    Suraj dooba hai yaaro from Roy (2015) is a catchy number.

    Suraj ki baahon mein ab hai ye zindagi – Zindagi Na MIlegi Dobara (2011)

    And one from the 90s-

    Jis din suraj ki pehli kiran utri thi zameen par – Sir (1993)


    1. Thanks for reading, Dr.Deshpande! The song from Parinay is a personal favourite. The qawwali that you mentioned is also great. I was planning to include it in the event of not getting my perfect ten. As far as the more recent ones go, I have heard them. The song from Sir did figure prominently on several sites when I was researching.


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