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Trivia – The spice of life turns one

I started my blog – Trivia – The Spice of Life – during the lockdown last year (2020). The fact that I have been posting weekly pieces regularly since last May, gives me immense pleasure. Despite having a full-time job, I look forward to Friday evenings (TGIF) and the ensuing weekends to work on a song blog post or a non – song one. I must admit here that my family is happier with the latter, for, such posts come straight from the heart and do not need extensive research. As they say, everything has an opportunity cost. Blogging over weekends translates into lesser family time. I do try to do the tough balancing act, even as disapproving glances and scowls of my children and husband continue to haunt me.

One year of blogging has been a great learning experience – right from designing the blog pages and (self) learning about WordPress to refining the content. I wish to express my gratitude to all those who have spared their valuable time to read my posts. May I add here that there are several bloggers who share common interests and they are a great source of encouragement. I must mention AKji (Songs of Yoredo not know his full name!!), Madhulikaji (Dusted off), Dr.Anup (Mehfil Mein Meri), Ashok Vaishnavji (The world is too small? or Is it?) and Anuradhaji (Conversations over Chai) who have visited my blog. They are all veterans in the field of blogging and it means a lot when they comment or visit your blog. I would also like to specially mention Dr.Rajesh Deshpande and Dr.Pradeep Shetty who make valuable contributions to various posts. Their comments and suggestions have only enriched my blogging experience. It is motivating to note that all of them are professionals in their own right – some active, some retired. I am particularly impressed by the fact that three of them are medicos who harbour such diverse interests. This year has been distinctly tough for them as they are our frontline Covid warriors.  This also underscores the need to have a passion/hobby other than work which helps you to grow and de-stress.  

Over the past year, I have learnt a lot about golden era Hindi film music, both because of researching for my own posts and reading and commenting on posts of other likeminded bloggers.  It is amazing how the same song is perceived differently by different bloggers. A sample of this is the song – Chalo Ek Baar Phir Se from Gumraah (1963). It can be viewed as a piano triad, a song about infidelity, a song of dilemma, a song ‘spoken and sung’.  The data base is the same but the viewpoint of each blogger can be so very distinct. Our film music is so vibrant and abundant that there is space for all to enjoy and interpret.

As I end this post, which marks the first anniversary of my blog, there is one thing that I feel I would want to do more often; that is writing blogs in Hindi. I have written two non – song posts in Hindi. I feel that when the songs which are cherished and admired are in Hindi, writing about them in the same language would perhaps help to capture their flavour much better. The only impediment is typing in Hindi. But online tools should come in handy. I hope I shall be able to write a post on golden era Hindi film music in Hindi in the near future.

8 thoughts on “Trivia – The spice of life turns one

  1. Oh!
    Congratulations for completing one year of successful blogging.
    And thank you for mentioning me. But as compared to the others, I’m a newcomer still. They are all veterans. I’m still a student.
    I’ll look forward to your posts on golden era in Hindi.
    Congratulations and all the best for future. Keep writing on novel themes. It’s really difficult to write posts continuing your job. At times we have to spend more time on the post and couldn’t offer quality time for family.
    But we manage to follow our passion.

    All the best again.

    With best wishes.


  2. Anitaji,

    Congratulations on the occasion of the first anniversary of this enjoyable blog. It is indeed remarkable that you have been able to consistently upload a post every week. I believe, this is the 55th post, Equally impressive is your choice of unusual and novel themes both for the song posts as well as the non-song posts.
    Thanks a lot for mentioning my name in this post even though I have started reading your blog only recently. Unlike Dr. Shetty and Dr. Anup who are veterans on the blogosphere, I started reading and commenting on blogs only after the pandemic started.
    Blogs work as stress-busters and are hobbies that keep us occupied constructively.

    I have been planning to comment on your two last songs posts but it has been pending for some time now. Hope to do it soon.

    I did read two of your interesting non-song posts – The Rag story and The Slammed Door. It was nice to see that things such as a rag and actions such slamming a door are part and parcel of our lives and still we do not realize their significance and impact.
    I was wondering if there are any songs related to slammed doors or closed doors. In older movies, we often had the heroine slamming the door of her room and crying after getting angry or upset. I am just wondering if there are any songs that follow such a scene, which can make up a list.
    And if I may, here is one more suggestion for a theme is from the Rag. I was thinking about any rags-to-riches songs or maybe songs of metamorphosis – where the hero/heroine has undergone a transformation with pre and post-change songs..


    1. Thanks for reading my blog posts, Dr.Deshpande! It is readers like you who inspire bloggers like me to continue writing. Your suggestions of turning non-song blog posts into song posts is well taken. I will try that but with a helping hand from you. I am sure you must have quite a few songs listed already!!😊


  3. Anita,
    I regret I am very late in greeting you on your first anniversary. My time management has gone haywire. Without waffling I have to admit I have become more inefficient. It is a good thing that Hindi film songs are only a part of your repertoire. You have been writing some very nice posts on the Trivia of day-to-day living. Therefore, your is a blog which will have a long life. So time to say, ‘Tum jiyo hazaro saal, saal ke din ho pachas hazar’.

    Thanks for mentioning my name. Now you know my full name too :). I have sent you a mail. But as the Bard said, What is in a name as long as it is Songs Of Yore.

    Blogging is a huge learning experience. You become more aware, mellower, modest about your own knowledge. Congratulations and wishing you the best.


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